DNA Testing is Affecting Your Privacy…

Did you know that your personal and private DNA information is LEGALLY able to be sold to practically anyone willing to pay for it? That may sound far fetched but it is true. DNA testing is proving to be very valuable in the medical and science fields, but the increase in DNA testing and the current lack of regulation is putting your family at risk.

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How to Protect Your Family…

The explosion of DNA testing is putting your family at risk of discrimination and many other potential dangers, such as making unfounded – life impacting medical decisions. It is important that you DO have DNA tests when it is appropriate, however Take Action to Protect your Privacy

  • DO NOT Sign any waiver from your doctor to have your DNA tested for any reason. Instead, provide the doctor with the test results he is requesting from your own DNA test coordinated by Genetic Sentinel.
  • DO NOT blindly provide an insurance company with a bio sample of blood, saliva, hair or any other raw DNA material. Instead, provide the insurance company with only what is needed through your own secure DNA test coordinated by Genetic Sentinel.
  • DO – Bank a sample of your raw DNA material (saliva) with Genetic Sentinel for Private, Secure and Fast DNA testing when it is needed.
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Who’s Selling My Private DNA Information?

genetic testingDNA Testing Labs! Doctors cannot legally distribute your private medical information or test results to third parties without your express permission. However, when doctors order DNA tests, the tests are conducted by DNA testing labs. Those labs CAN SELL or distribute your private information to many different types of insurance companies.

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Who’s Buying My Private DNA Information?

puppet charactersLife Insurance companies, long term care providers, disability insurers, corporations, marketers and even the government. There are laws that restrict medical insurance providers from denying coverage due to genetic information, however some key insurance sectors are exempt from those restrictions. They are legally able to use your genetic profile to discriminate against you.

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Problem Solving - It All Starts With DNA Banking

Privacy Concerns Lead to Banking…

secure imgThe need to enforce your Genetic Privacy Rights starts with banking a sample of your bio-material (saliva). This insures that you remain in control of your DNA testing needs at all times.

Genetic Sentinel stores a sample of your saliva in a secure facility with no names or personal markings. The sample stays banked until you need it. When you have the need for a DNA test, requested by a doctor, insurance company or other legitimate third party, Genetic Sentinel will coordinate that test with an independent lab and send the results directly to you or whomever you designate.

The remaining testing material and the lab’s test results are then destroyed so they cannot be used or distributed by anyone who could bring you or your family financial harm.

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Advantages of Banking…

The other distinct advantages of banking your sample and coordinating your DNA test with Genetic Sentinel are:

  • Future testing for your family. You may wish for your family to have access to your genetic material for future testing. Science is progressing at an amazing pace and there is no telling how your genetic material may be medically helpful to them in the future.
  • Speed of Delivery. When your doctor orders a DNA test through traditional means, it can take 2-4 weeks to see results. Because Genetic Sentinel already has your sample on file, it can facilitate testing much faster. You and your doctor can view the results in days, instead of weeks.
  • Avoiding the needle. Many people struggle with needles. Medical facilities are generally equipped to collect genetic material only by means of blood draw. Genetic Sentinel uses a very simple, non-invasive saliva sample that you collect yourself, in the privacy of your own home.
  • Convenience. When a physician requests a DNA test, you are asked to make an appointment with the lab. This is usually a separate appointment, requiring a separate trip and takes time over days or even weeks. Providing a saliva sample in your own home, on your own time and simply sending it back in a prepaid, provided envelop is easy and ultra convenient. Then, when you need to have a test performed, simple call Genetic Sentinel and they will take care of the rest.  Click Here to Learn More…



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